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What’s going on?

If you are experiencing a difficult-to-diagnose plumbing issue, a drain inspection camera can help. This state-of-the-art video camera technology allows Top Dog to see into the pipes hidden beneath the ground and discover the precise location of the damage. This information enables us to offer the best solution and may save thousands of dollars in excavation costs. A drain inspection camera can also be used to locate drain lines when adding fixtures to your home or business.

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Got clogs?

Drain snaking is the process of pushing a spinning metal cable into a pipe to break up or remove a clog. This is a time-tested way to fix a clogged drain without the use of harsh chemicals that might damage the pipe. Top Dog Sewer & Drain utilizes five different snakes of varying sizes and lengths to ensure we always have the right tool for the job. A drain snake is an extremely effective method for clearing clogs in a bathtub, sink, or kitchen drains. It can even cut tree roots out of main drains!

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Get Ahead of the Game

Top Dog Sewer & Drain offers preventative maintenance plans for both residential and commercial customers who wish to take a proactive stance for their plumbing needs. We will customize a plan tailored to your exact needs so you will always know your plumbing is receiving the maintenance it requires. Whether you would like quarterly service to prevent sewer flies, annual root removal, or restaurant drains snaked every few months, Top Dog is ready to help. Some preventative maintenance plans even come with a lifetime guarantee!

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