About Us

Top Dog Sewer & Drain believes in offering skilled plumbing repairs and maintenance with a gold standard of customer service. We are run by owner and operator Charlie Brennick. We’ve been in the field for 10 years with a long history of professionalism, expertise, and get-it-done motivation. From routine maintenance to major drain blockages, we have what it takes to complete the task. We service the greater Manchester area and are based in Raymond, NH.

We maintain a variety of specialized equipment so we can guarantee it remains ready for service. This includes various sizes of drain snake, drain inspection cameras, and hydro-jet systems, so we always have the right equipment for the job. Our equipment can handle basic drain clogs, tree root intrusions, or the location of an heirloom earring dropped down a sink.

We pride ourselves on cleanliness and being thorough. When we’re finished you know both our work space and inside your drain will be squeaky clean. We have special experience in handling issues involving septic systems.

In addition to residential services, we provide service to commercial properties such as restaurants, apartment and condominium complexes, hospitals, colleges, and more. We have competitively priced maintenance plans to suit the needs of homeowners and business owners alike. If you need the best of the best in drain repair, snaking, or high pressure water jetting, contact us today!