High Pressure Water Jetting


A high pressure water jet is an incredibly powerful piece of equipment suitable for a variety of drain cleaning applications. A high pressure water jet works similarly to a pressure washer, it is a hose with a nozzle on the end that sprays water. Most of this water sprays backwards out of the jetter nozzle. This propels the hose through the drain, all the while thoroughly cleaning the entire drain line with high pressure water. This style of drain cleaning is especially effective on grease clogs and blockages because it flushes the clog out while it is breaking it up. Our High pressure water jet can also be used to remove heavy scale from cast iron drains,  rake rocks and sand out of coverts and catch basins, thaw ice from frozen drains, clean out and unclog vent stacks from the roof, or even cut away tree roots.

Even with its incredible power jetting is still safe for most pipe materials including clay terracotta, cast iron, copper, pvc, galvanized steel and corrugated plastic I have even used it to flush out clogged aluminum downspouts. 

High pressure water jetting is a highly effective way to clean out grease, sludge and heavy debris from a drain line and of any drain cleaning method usually yields the longest lasting results. I highly recommend the high pressure water jet to clients at restaurants, auto garages, machine shops, laundromats and car washes. But jetting is not only useful for commercial applications it can be used for residential drain cleaning as well. Residential customers who have particularly dirty or lengthy drain lines can benefit from jetting. I also recommended jetting for all manhole lines, roof stacks and leach fields. Although jetting is a fantastic way to unclog a drain due to the higher cost  it is in most cases only used when snaking the drain has failed to do the job. If you are only interested in the very best way possible then you want your clogged drain jet cleaned. Give me a call and we can discuss how this impressive machine can be used to solve your drainage problem.

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