Septic Rejuvenation

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Leach field rejuvenation is a fantastic service that Top Dog Sewer & Drain provides. For some customers, a failing septic leach field can be repaired instead of being replaced.

Before getting into how this service can help, it is important to understand how a septic system works. There are many kinds of septic systems. The most common style found in New Hampshire is the conventional septic system.

The Conventional Septic System & Leach Field

All of the water in your home or business flows through one “main drain” into your septic tank (a large box that holds water and waste). Without a place for the water to go your septic tank would fill up very quickly. Inside the tank, barriers and sometimes filters separate solids from liquids. The “grey water” or effluent passes through the outgoing baffle and filter. From here it goes to the distribution box (D-box) where it is dispersed to your leach field. Finally, effluent flows out of the leach field pipes through gravel surrounding the pipes where microbes in the soil below make it safe for the environment.

The Importance of Leach Field Rejuvenation

In a perfect world absolutely no solid waste would travel out of the septic tank and into the leach field. However, over time, solid waste can travel through the outgoing baffle and build up in the drains of your leach field. This obstructs the flow of water into the gravel. Rejuvenation is the process of removing that build up.

First we locate and access of the distribution box using either a map or an inspection camera. From the D-box we use a high pressure water jet to pull all the debris from each leach field pipe back into the distribution box for removal. This method is highly effective under the right circumstances. If you are worried about your septic leach field, please call for more information to see if rejuvenation is right for you.

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