Should You DIY Your Own Drain Clog?

Faucet with water running out

No, and here’s why. Drains are an essential feature to a functional household and usually go unnoticed until water starts backing up. Nowadays you can find out how to do almost anything on the internet, but does that mean you should DIY? We are here to tell you that when it comes to unclogging your own drain, DIY is not the best option. 

Pipe damage

You may be able to find a quick and easy method to unclog your drain and it might work, but a few months later you may start experiencing more issues and clogs. Pipe damage is one of the reasons we don’t recommend DIYing your clogged drains. You don’t know all of the ins and outs of drain systems and piping, but why would you? You aren’t a professional! Leave it to us to figure that out. We can also help to identify possible underlying structural issues and larger problems that will cost you more if you don’t fix them soon, such as cracks, blockages, buildup, leaks, and more.

Stay Safe

Not all drain clogs can be resolved with a quick fix. Some can get smelly, messy, and even dangerous. Many DIY cleaning products emit toxic fumes and can be extremely dangerous, especially when you mix more than one. A professional will have the proper tools and products on hand to keep your pipes and you safe. Most professionals can even resolve drain clogs without the use of harsh chemicals.

Poor Results

An immediate solution like pouring a bottle of Drano down the sink (do not do this!) may work to get the water moving, but it will only lead to bigger problems in the future and it doesn’t really fix the underlying problem. We would consider that a “bandaid” method. For most clogs, there is something else happening that is causing the backup and it is best to understand the root cause and determine a long term solution. You don’t know what is at the bottom of a drain, so proceed with caution and consult a professional.

At Top Dog Sewer & Drain, we have years of experience with all types of drain clogs. You can trust that we will take care of your home with the proper tools and knowledge to get the job done safely and efficiently. Contact us today for 24/7 emergency drain cleaning.